The building of the tower started in 1469. Nobody knows (exactly) when it ended. Probably somewhere around 1553. It is said that it was then the highest tower of The Netherlands. At least, that is what de Stadjers (citizens of Groningen) said. But nobody knows its exact height. It doesn’t matter too much, because in 1577 de Stadjers celebrated the victory over the Spanish army and in their euphory set fire to the tower. It took a long time to rebuild him and then it certainly wasn’t the highest tower of The Netherlands anymore.
In the year 1822 the tower burnt down again. It was struck by lightning. And rebuild again. In 1930 enigineers discovered that the tower wasn’t strong enough. D’Olle Grieze could collapse any moment. It took some years before it was strenghtened. In 1938 he was declared safe. The engineers gave him a concrete corset. D’Olle Grieze is not the highest tower of The Netherlands, but it is the highest tower of the City of Groningen. It can be seen from everywhere inside and outside the town.